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Mystery / Thriller books by J.C. Gunn

Johnny and Kimi: On the Run
Johnny and Kimi: On the Run


ISBN 9798864222201

Johnny and Kimi are two lovers who take an afternoon ride on their motorcycles to their favorite secluded place at the lake to be alone together. Later that early summer evening, they are witnesses to a brutal gangland-style double murder.  They watch the killers weigh the bodies down and dump them in the lake. 


Two nights later, Johnny and Kimi are running from the burning wreckage of the Safe House the FBI had put them in.  All they have are their wits and the clothes on their backs. Kimi's computer hacking skills and Johnny's ingenuity are key to taking down the killers.  To stay alive, they will have to go Off the Grid and trust no one!


Johnny and Kimi: On the Run is a sexy, fast paced action packed novel with many twists and turns.

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