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Romantic Comedy books by J.C. Gunn

The Boy With Glue in His Hair
The Boy With Glue in his hair


ISBN 9798864100172

This story begins on the day 17-year-old Cassandra died.  She was only dead for 28 seconds. Nonetheless, she had been quite dead. Luckily for her, except for a few nightmares now and again, Cassandra didn't remember any of her voyage almost into the light.  Her Hindu Father and Christian Mother were supportive in her long recovery but eventually, she had to get on with her life.  She attended a small State college where she met her three best friends in the world Jenny, Suzi and the love of her life, Mark.

The Boy with Glue in his Hair is a fun, sexy contemporary novel that follows Cassandra from the great beyond, to skinny college student to the runways of the New York Fashion world and finally to the Board Room. It is an inspiring story of friendship, personal accomplishment and love.

The Duchess in the Dorm
The Duchess in the Dorm


ISBN 9798864221006

Lizzie was on the run but not from bad guys, international criminals or terrorists.  She was hiding from her mother!  At age 20, she had left her grand house in England in the middle of the night with only a short note to dear mum.  She had attended Oxford for two years until Lizzie's well-meaning family had tried one more time to arrange a marriage with the right kind of man from the right kind of family. Lizzie's mother did not believe that Ladies of her Station needed a University education.

Lizzie railed against that kind of tradition and simply wanted to finish her business degree and return to run the family estate and try to bring the property into the 21st century.  If she failed in this endeavor, she would be forced to donate the family home to the National Trust as had been the case with so many of England's Great Houses. 


Her adventures next took her to Australia where she finished all but the last semester of her studies until the notorious London Tabloid Paparazzi found her.  She once again escaped in the middle of the night and ended up in disguise at a small school in North America.  That's where she met the love of her life.


The Duchess in the Dorm is a fun, sexy story of love and friendship.

The Romance Writer and the Auto Mechanic
The Romance Writer and the Auto Mechanic

ASIN - B09KS9857Z

ISBN 9798864020418

Michael Lee was born in San Francisco and worked as a ghost writer of best selling Romance Novels.  As much as he liked the vibrant and sometimes chaotic life of The City by the Bay, the noise, traffic and overall craziness had become a distraction.  He was working on his own version of the Great American Novel, and needed a quiet place to finish it.  Luckily for him, his college roommate owned an old cabin in the small Sierra Nevada Foothills town of Grass Valley where he could stay for as long as he wanted. That's where Michael met Sam.


...Michael smiled and said. "Hi, I'm having a little trouble with my truck, I was told to ask for Sam, is he here?"

The old guy grunted under his breath and pointed to where another mechanic was working on a late model Corvette which was raised up on a four-post lift. "Over there."

Michael walked over and said. "Hi, I'm looking for Sam."

From under the car, he heard. "Well, you found her, just a second."

Michael heard the clicks of a torque wrench and Sam emerged from under the car. The first thing he noticed, besides the fact that Sam was a girl, was that she was tall, almost as tall as his lean six-foot-four inch frame. Sam had bright blue eyes and long blonde hair which was tied in a ponytail and tucked under the collar of her jumpsuit. Even under the grease smudges on her cheek and forehead, he noticed that she had a strikingly beautiful face. "Hi, I'm Michael. You must be Sam."

The girl pointed at the name tag above her right breast which read Sam. "That's me, what can I do for you, Michael?"

Don't Date Your Contractor*
Don't Date Your Contactor*
*Until the Work is Done


ISBN 9798864220214

Charlotte Janssen was an Air Force C-17 pilot.  She had been raised by her grandparents and returned home to care for her ailing grandfather.  After his passing, she inherited his old House in Boise and started a new job as a pilot for Alaska Airlines.  After a middle-of-the-night plumbing failure, she was determined to do a full renovation of her 100-year-old house.  


Luckily for Charlotte, her BFF Lena had a handsome and talented younger brother who specialized in restoring old houses.


Don't Date Your Contractor* is a fun, G-rated novella suitable for a Sunday afternoon movie screenplay.

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