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Short Stories by J.C. Gunn

Message #63A


This Science-Fiction Short Story tells the Story of John (not his real name) who is playing the role of University student as he has done for decades. He makes a strange request of Andrea, a brilliant Physics major who is desitined to be a crew member on Earth's first starship. What does John want from Andrea?

In the Shadow of Jupiter: Europa 2276
In the Shadow of Jupiter: Europa 2276


This Science-Fiction Comedy follows Lars Mittal Scott, the Grandson of Robert and Mynah on an adventure to Jupiter's giant ice moon, Europa. His plans and preparations are critical to his secret mission...


In the Shadow of Jupiter: Europa 2276 is a short story in the Earthrise series.

The Food Truck Guy
The Food Truck Guy


Can NYC Fashion Photographer and up-and-coming graphic designer Jolene actually find her perfect guy in the food truck lane? Michael is fun cute and mysterious.  He seems to appear in a different food truck each day, what is his secret?
The Food Truck Guy is a fun, light, contemporary romantic comedy short story.

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