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Science Fiction books by J.C. Gunn

Earthrise: 2176
Earthrise: 2176


ISBN 9798863899275

What if we were the first in our part of the galaxy to discover the secret of faster than light travel? What if this discovery was 10,000 years before it was supposed to be? Our neighbors had been watching for centuries and were surprised with our early arrival into the Web of Worlds... 


The Year is 2166: To the people of Earth, the universe seemed to be a very lonely place. Astronomers have discovered tens of thousands of planets and many had indications of organic life. SETI had been searching for signals for over 200 years. There had been a few tantalizing bits of radio or radar energy received but nothing was ever proven to be of intelligent origin.


But there was an alien civilization out there, in fact, many of them linked together in a Web of Worlds. They were watching us quietly, carefully and patiently. It had long been the prime directive of the Web that no developing civilization be contacted until that civilization made it into interstellar space on their own and that always took time, lots of time. Most civilizations took 1,000 years or more to go from steam to the atom and none had made it from the atom to an FTL drive in less than 10,000 standard years, so there was plenty of time to watch the Earth...

What would happen if a beautiful engineer and a brilliant physicist accidentally discovered an artificial gravity field which would make a faster than light drive possible...


This is a story of grand adventure and discovery but does not contain any space battles, lazer blazers or bug-eyed aliens in the ventilation system.  It is a hard-core science fiction where the diverse cast of characters matter at least as much as the tech.


Earthrise: 2176 is the first novel in the Earthrise series.

Lost: Somewhere in Time
Lost: Somewhere in Time


ISBN 9798864098943

James Robert Scott was 13 when his parents died in an aircar crash and two years later his last remaining immediate family member, his grandfather a Nobel prize-winning physicist disappeared without a trace.


On the day of his 19th birthday, a man with a stainless steel briefcase cabled to his wrist waited outside his classroom door. The letter contained in the case was addressed to James and was postmarked March of 1888, 157 years in the past. The letter indicated that the elder Scott was lost somewhere in time and contained the location of the Time Machine and access codes to the Artificial Intelligence which controlled it. The machine and AI were in a secret complex under his grandfather's old Victorian mansion in the hills above Cleveland.


James would not be alone in his quest to locate his grandfather somewhen in time. His longtime girlfriend, Hiroko McAdams and their two closest friends, language expert Angelina Lincoln and math genius Michael Watson would be part of the grand adventure.


Lost: Somewhere in Time is a novel in the Earthrise series.


Earthrise 2115: First Contact
Earthrise: 2115 First Contact


ISBN 9798864097953

The orbital debris salvage ship THX-1138 and its Commander Lieutenant Joachim Lee and his young crew are tasked to de-orbit an abandoned space station from the early 21st century.  Something very unusual was going on with the derelict Long March of the People-7. They discover that the station has had a visitor from somewhere in the Deep Dark. 


Was this event the real First Contact?


Earthrise 2115: First Contact is a novella that tells the tale of an event that took place approximately 50 years before the adventures of the crew of the starship Richard P. Feynman and is part of the Earthrise series.


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